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The Magma: Volcanic Disaster Full Movie Download In Hindi > DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

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Volcanology professor John Shepherd comes to realize that recent unexplainable volcanic activity the world over is the start of a coming global catastrophe which could lead to mankind's extinction. Assisted by several of his students and a wheelchair-bound colleague, the professor sets out to gather the evidence needed to convince government officials that a worst case scenario is unfolding. Can he convince the Powers That Be that the end is near, devise a plan to potentially prevent Armageddon, and save his own troubled marriage before time runs out?
When a volcano expert becomes convinced that a cataclysmic natural disaster is about to unfold, a volcanologist Professor John Shepherd and his graduate students believes that recent unexplainable volcanic activity as all of the volcanoes in the world are going to erupt and kill every living thing on the planet! They try to convince the government that their theory is true not a joke while also trying to figure out how to stop it before time runs out!
Well, this isn&#39;t the worst Sci-Fi Channel Original Production that I&#39;ve seen, but it may just be the most boring. We start with a college professor and a few students going to explore a volcano in Iceland. Of course the volcano erupts, and they barely escape with their lives. Turns out the professor knows some genius who has worked out a theory of how all the world&#39;s volcanoes will start erupting, and we see the scenario played out via the usual cheap looking computer generated special effects. Loads and loads of cheap looking computer generated effects. Toss in the stupendously clich├ęd government bureaucrats who don&#39;t take the threat seriously, some utter nonsense about how humans have caused the Earth&#39;s core to expand, and a breathtakingly dull subplot concerning the professor&#39;s ex wife, and that about wraps it up. Oh wait, I almost forgot the environmentalist speech at the end, where we&#39;re supposed to learn from our mistakes…and some other stuff. Sorry, I&#39;m afraid I nodded off there for a minute. I&#39;m sleepy after sitting through this thing.<br/><br/>Overall, you&#39;ve got a pile of characters we couldn&#39;t care less about, a plot that&#39;s identical to a dozen other really crappy disaster movies, a script that sometimes sounds as if it was written by someone who wasn&#39;t a native English speaker, and there you have it. <br/><br/>These film makers really need to hire a consultant to at least give them enough technical insight into their subject matter so that it doesn&#39;t make the average layman laugh at the absurdity of it.<br/><br/>Edit: Kind of funny, I apparently wrote this review on January 26, and here it is February 6, and I can&#39;t remember ever having seen this movie.
Well with the opening of atrocious acting and laughable SFX, I prepared for the worst. Actually, to be honest, I wasn&#39;t expecting much from a movie which cost more to buy brand new and sealed, than it did to hire.<br/><br/>I thought I&#39;d give it a go as I have a fascination for volcanoes. Fortunately it did get better for the most part. Xander, Amy Jo and their two companions acted well. The guy with the long hair had a sexy voice. Amy Jo as Brianna was so believable as an enthusiastic student wanting to get out there and make a name for herself, without being too annoying. And George&#39;s character, Kincaid *was* an annoying snot, but that&#39;s because he played him well ;) <br/><br/>I felt for Peter, Xander&#39;s character, (even though the story was not original) of a scientist struggling to prove a &#39;doomsday&#39; theory to a band of rigid authorities, however, it was an interesting premise of worldwide disaster and the hope of humanity. It showed his own humanity trying to smooth things over with his estranged wife as well. She played a convincing part also and her humanity came through.<br/><br/>Now they probably didn&#39;t have the budget of &#39;The Day After Tomorrow&#39;&quot; or &quot;Volcano&quot; but I honestly think that they could&#39;ve done better effects with the lava (particularly in the beginning) and tightened up the acting in parts, but other than that it was good for what it was.<br/><br/>I&#39;ll pass on my copy at a DVD swap, though I am glad I saw it.

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